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Hi there, I'm Ali and I would be glad to discuss about your job offer! Feel free to contact me via email, linkedin, or twitter. I'm a software developer with 7+ years of experience. I love working with nice people and I have a passion to write clean code! The following is a brief overview of what I've done, and you can download my resume if you want to see more details.

work experience

Fullstack Developer, Freelance January/2018 - October/2019

Using ASP.NET Core and React for implementing single page applications with various tools for testing like xUnit, Jest, Enzyme, and Cypress. Some sources are available on my github.

Senior .Net Developer, Parmis May/2014 - December/2017

Parmis is a FINTECH company that provides modern sales and financial services for it's customers. It serves various industries with a whole range of enterprise products like CRM, order processing, and accounting. Projects where implemented using Domain Driven Design and used Agile (eXtreme Programming) practices.

.Net Desktop Developer, Freelance March/2012 - March/2013

Developed fancy desktop apps with shinny GUIs using WPF, MVVM, and NHibernate.

side projects


An open-source, configurable richtext developed with vanilla js, jest, and Cypress. A demo is available here and it's source is on github.

Cactus Guru

A simple app for managing a collection of cactus plants! Its implemented with DDD, MVVM, WPF, and Repository. The source code is available on github.


B.Sc. in Computer Software Engineering 2010 - 2013

University of Science and Culture

A.Sc. in Computer Software Engineering 2008 - 2010

Shamsipour Technical College

technical skills

(6+ years): C#, OOP, SOLID, Design Patterns, SQL

(4+ years): SQL Server, Entity Framework, TFS, IoC Containers, Unit Testing

(2+ years): DDD, MV*, WPF, Javascript, HTML, CSS, REST, CI

(1+ years): ASP.NET Core, React, SASS, Git, MSBuild, Jest, Cypress

(Studying): Microservices, Docker

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